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Extra points - help!


Hi all,

I am desparately trying to find a complete list of the extra, non-channel points, for some research I'm doing. Does any know of a book, a list or anything that has more than just Yintang and Heding?

In all the acupunture atlases, the extra points are listed with a name and a number, like M-HN-3 is Yintang. That's the list I'm looking for.

Failing that, I'd be really greatful if anyone can send me information on any obscure (but effective) extra points, with name (and translation), number (if it has one), location, functions and indications. I've already got Miriam Lee's book, so I can skip Master Tong's points.




Our list of extraordinary points is here. They are listed by name as we don&#39t use the numbering scheme and either does the national exam if I remember correctly.


Simon, I think (off the top of my head) that Acupuncture: a comprehensive text by O&#39Connor and Bensky has a very large list of extra points - much larger than any other text I&#39ve seen. I have only briefly flicked through this book so I could be wrong on this one but if you&#39re near a TCM library then check it out as they will be sure to have that one. Good luck with it!

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