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Extra point


Hi everyone. Firstly, please excuse my basic terminology, as I am still learning Acupuncture.

I was told that there is an extra point above SP6 (and below SP9) for treating the kidneys, called something like 'Dong Shi'. It is a number of points by an ancient Chinese physician called Dong. I can't seem to find any information on this doctor or his defined points, can anyone offer any help?

Many thanks,



I&#39m not entirely certain but there is a set of points described in the text Dong Qi Acupuncture Points by Yang Wei Jie which is probably what you are after. The text is in Chinese so you&#39ll have to be able to read that, have someone translate it for you or be happy with the pictures....

Outside of that there is Master Tung&#39s point system and he uses a needling method called "dong qi" (or activating qi) which could also be the source of the point you are looking for. His system has many points that are quite different from the standard tcm system. The Practical Atlas of Tung&#39s Acupuncture, along with many other texts, goe into some details of the tung system.


Hi Chad, thank you for the very swift response. I think it may be the former and not the latter. I&#39ll check and see if there is a point that I am trying to get information on.

Many thanks.


I&#39m wondering if you mean one of two points that come to mind from Master Tung acupuncture: 77.17 Tianhuang (Heavenly Emperor) located in the depression of the medial condyle of the tibia, 2.5 cun inferior to the knee joint (basically Sp 9) and treats hyperhydrochloria, regurgitation, nephritis, diabetes and proteinuria. The other is 77.18 Tianhuangfu (Shenguan) aka Kidney Gat that&#39s 1.5 cun below Sp 9 and is said to be an essential point for strenthening kidney function and sciatica, back pain, headache and soreness of the low back due to kidney deficiency. Or then, possibly even 77.19 Dihuang (Earthly Emperor) that&#39s located 7 cun superior to medial malleolous, and it&#39s said to treat nephritis, edema of the limbs, diabetes, impotence, premature ejaculation, poteinuria, and a whole slew of things due to deficieny in the kidney. You want to check up on these points, as I beleive that this last one and the first are contra in pregnancy and moxa. Hope this helps.


HI Kamarai, many thanks for the reply. I think you may be right. The point name I was told sounded like shenguan, so it may be this one.

Many thanks.

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