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Excessive sweating


Good afternoon. What kind of treatment we can advise the patient with a constant feeling of heat throughout the body, excessive sweating, persistent fatigue and sleepiness

I would be grateful for any help



That is most often signs of Kidney Yin Deficiency. Points and formulas (not complete by any means) are within our Kidney Yin Deficiency section. From the Tam Healing system treatment (tuina, acupuncture, etc.) for the huatuo at T4 (breast/sweat glands) is also very important.


Day time sweating is Qi deficinecy use formula " Yu Ping Feng San"+-, Points: Kd7, Li4, Ren17.

Night time sweating is Yin deficinecy use formula"Liu Wei Di Huang Wan"+-, Points: Si3, Sp6, Ht6.

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