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Excessive sweating


I have a patient who is constantly sweating profusely, This is has been going on for a long time. She has

all the symptoms of a kidney yin def except her tongue is pale with thin coating and her pulse is very weak and thin.

Whenever she is treated with acupuncture for a kidney yin def her sweats become even worse and she develops insomnia. I am not sure how I should go about treating her. Do you have any suggestions? .


Constant sweating is generally not a symptom of yin deficiency - but of qi or yang deficiency. The paleness on the tongue and weak pulse would confirm this as well. Her symptoms may get worse after treatment because yin points are mildly building and many disperse heat - if a patient is deficient they will get worse with those points.

I would recommend treating for qi and/or yang deficiency and seeing what the results are. Moxibustion on appropriate points may help to contain the fluids.

You may want to read the ten questions section on sweating and it's meaning. You could also consider the LI 4, KD 7 combination mentioned on the LI 4 page - "Strengthens the wei qi, improves immunity

Regulates the sweat glands, for excessive sweating tonify LI 4 then disperse KD 7."

Also take a look at the general indications for Qi Deficiency and Yang Deficiency and see what matches best with her symptoms.


In addition to the treatment suggested by Dr. Dupuis you may wish to consider using points from the Tom Tam Healing System.

Specifially T4 on the bladder meridian, with 3 needles at, above and below the T4 level on the right hand side and one at the T4 level on the left hand side. Huatou point at the same level can be alternated on other sessions. With Lu7 used as a distal point

Tui Na on both sides of the spine at the T4 area is also indicated, note any Ashi points for focus and needling.


I get operated of thoracique sympatectomy of both side because of axillary sweating but that was the wrost taken decision !
Now i suffer of realy important sides effects: i mean now i sweat A LOT from pretty much everywhere exept my head and hands.
As you said acupuncture is pretty efficient that's why i would like to know if you have any good feedback about similar experience


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