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Excessive muscle burning


I’ve been experiencing intense muscle burning upon the slightest exercise. For example, while climbing a flight of stairs I feel muscle burning in my legs by the ninth step. The burning feels like it engulfs the rest of my body (travelling upward).
And when I ride my bike to work I have to go very slowly so it doesn’t overtake me. It feels like an internal acid bath.
Also, my heart doesn’t seem like it’s producing enough energy to accommodate slight or moderate exercise. This is very abnormal for me. Normally I can perform very well.
What is this? Does anyone have any insight?
I know forum diagnosis is limited. But any insight would help.


Any other changes recently in diet, activity levels, medications and/or other health issues (physical, psychological or otherwise)?

What is your diet like generally? How active are you?


No big change in what I’ve been eating, but I am hypoglycemic and the past few months I have been undereating and overworking. I ride my bike 20miles a day for school. Sometimes I would stop at the gym on my way home. And I haven’t been eating near enough. I started getting tidal burning from my kidneys but that pretty much went away. Now the only residual symptom is the muscle burning and my endurance has been very low.
I’ve been eating regularly now. Still pretty active…have to bike to school but I’ve been taking it easy and no gym for a couple months because I can’t handle it. It’s been hard to accept that reality.


My diet is usually an egg sandwich for breakfast, protein shake when I arrive to school. Leftover rice and meat with steamed broccoli for lunch. Same for dinner.


No medications. Just occasional tinctures like nettle seed, ashwagandha, American ginseng, eleuthero.


This is not exactly a Chinese Medicine idea, but from the looks of it you are probably having issues with low potassium which can both affect the heart beat and is a common cause of lower leg cramping, etc.

In general eating better to support your level of activity would be important, obviously. Specifically, staying better hydrated and perhaps trying to eat a banana or other high potassium food later in the day would be good.

In technical terms from a Chinese Medicine perspective you sound like you are kidney yin deficient (explore the kidney system with my “My Kidneys Are What?” article). If I’m right, you are more “tired and wired” (i.e. yin deficient) than truly tired (i.e. yang deficient). Accordingly taking herbal stimulants like ginseng, etc. will only make the causal conditions worse - even if you will feel marginally better energy wise.

Technically there are herbal formulas which could help you quite a bit, but you really should see someone locally to make sure the diagnosis is correct before going down that road. Liu wei di huang wan is the base for most of these issues, with many variant formulas to better suit each individual.


I will definitely increase my potassium intake, I think you might be on to something.
Tired and wired describes it for sure.
And I will go see someone locally, I’ve just been tight on cash through school.
Thank you so much for the recommendations, I truly appreciate it.

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