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Excess sex treatment


Patient: Male 29

Complaint: Fatigue, No energy the last 5 years. Tinitus, pressure at the back of his head.

Toung has 4 big deep cracks

He told me that he had sex about once a day from when he was 15 to 22 years old. He noticed the cracks the first time when he was 18 but back then they where very small. The last few years he only have had sex twice a month but he still doesn't feel any better. He has also been a top athlete

How should I treat him from a TCM perspective.




When you submit cases, you should include a little more information and also what you have tried and why you feel it isn't working well enough. There is very little information presented here to go on, but I will give you my general impressions.

First I would say that his condition has very little to do with his sexual activity and that is not particularly excessive anyhow - although there are a host of theories regarding that within Chinese Medicine. More of the condition would be related to the activites of being a competitive athelete (or history of, if that is the case), which can strongly drain the body by constantly pushing it beyond it's limits.

From what you have written down, it seems a probable Kidney Yang Deficiency diagnosis - but fatigue alone wouldn't be enough to make this diagnosis so you'll have to see if the symptoms within my presentation match his at all. Regarding the tinnitus, you may want to read my section on the treatment of tinnitus and look at the KD Jing Deficiency pattern within the acupuncture section - this may fit with him as well.

For the tongue you don't mention where the cracks are or what direction they run, so you should look at my presentation on tongue diagnosis and see what fits. Generally, they would indicate blood and/or qi deficiency which would fit with an overall Kidney and Spleen pattern.

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