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Excess Salivation


Hi, I started to suffer from excessive salivation since February '18. The symptom happened out of the blue. When it first happened, my mouth will constantly be filled with clear and thin fluid of saliva despite swallowing it all the time. Usually it’s minimal in the day and worsens in the night. I’ve seen GPs and ENTs (Western Medicine) who gave me antacids and antibiotics as they suspect it’s acid reflux but it doesn’t resolve the issue. My dentist couldn’t find anything as well.

Over time, the salivation fluctuates in its’ form and secretion level. Sometimes, I’ll produce thick or sticky saliva. Other times, it’ll be clear and thin fluid. Occasionally, bubbles will continually form in my mouth. All these different symptoms come and go, changes intermittently and it’s difficult to attribute to anything particular.

I’ve done blood tests and screenings (ultrasound, endoscopy, X-ray) which came out negative. Doctors couldn’t find any reasons and have given up. I have no other symptoms besides the stress and anxiety that’s caused by this long-term issue. For the past 7 months, there’s never a day where I can live without something going on in my mouth.

It affects my daily life to the core. I couldn’t focus and concentrate well in work. Sometimes, I couldn’t speak well and follow in meetings due to the saliva forming. Sometimes, when it’s really bad, it creates social anxiety and I don’t want to go out to socialize but to only stay home. It literally destroys my social life. My life in general becomes really frustrating, panicky, fearful and anxious.

What could be causing this mysterious illness and any solutions from TCM’s point of view?


You should probably consult with a licensed acupuncturist in your local area as there are a host of questions that I would need to help offer TCM suggestions that are simply inappropriate in a public forum. That said, it is most likely a issue with your digestive system generally - loosely in the vicinity of the “liver attacking the spleen” from what you are describing. Generally speaking formulas from the harmonize the liver and spleen category might be appropriate.

I’m fairly certain an acupuncturist could figure this out within 2-4 months.


Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I’m new to TCM and I have not tried chinese herbs or acupuncture. I’ll consult an acupuncturist soon.

Anyway, while doing some research about what you mentioned of the “liver attacking the spleen”, I can’t quite grasp the meaning of the Spleen system (digestive system) in TCM. What are the organs involved? Is it the stomach, liver, gallbladder and pankreas?


The spleen is large parts of the overall digestive/metabolic/assimilation systems - but it is broader than that - same for the liver system. I would suggest you read “My Liver is What?” and “My Spleen is What?” on our blog to get a basic idea of the nature of these systems in the body.

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