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Excess male breast tissue


has anyone any experience in treating excess male breast tissue which is not due to an overwieght condition?

thank you.


Enlargement of breasts in men is called "gynecomastia." Breast enlargement generally can be caused from simple obesity, breast cancer (which is rare but does happen in men) or from an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen. There are also a host of other conditions that can be underlying so proper medical diagnosis is key - these could be kidney or liver problems, side effects of drugs (that lower testosterone or contain estrogen - even vaginal creams from a sexual partner can transmit to the male), androgen hormones (some athletes/bodybuilders).

As you don&#39t provide any information about the patient there is little more I can offer treatment wise. I would recommend the patient get general blood work and hormone levels tested to rule out all of the worse conditions that it -could- be and to see where the hormones are at. Low testosterone can allow estrogen levels to be too high which -may- be the equivalent to Kidney Yang/Jing Deficiency (other TCM signs will confirm) and Estrogen can be high from excessive amount of soy in the diet (a morning soy smoothie for example) or any of the above listed causes.


Thank you Chad for your answer,

I apologise for the lack of detail,

This man (31) has had all of the general tests done and all was normal. The enlargement is not very pronounced and is there since puberty, but it is pronounced enough for him to have consulted a surgeon with a view to removing the tissue. The surgeon refused to do the work as it was not considered a necessity.

This man was originally attending the clinic for the treatment of warts of the hands and forearms, both were pretty well covered, these disappeared within a month of treating stagnant liver qi. He has ongoing spleen qi troubles with over-thinking and irritable bowel concerns, which are worse with stress. When he saw the improvement with the warts he was comfortable to ask about the breast tissue.

He would have suffered a bereavement of his father around age 13. He is quite active and needs vigorous activity daily otherwise feels all pent up. His movements are fast and erratic. The pulse shows some heart and liver fullness and heat. He has no apparent kidney issues from the information he provides or from the pulse and tongue information.


It is not uncommon for breast growth to happen around puberty as it appears with him. In most cases this growth reduces all on its own. His was either very excessive at the time, or the excess tissue just decided to stay. During puberty there are acupuncture techniques to help regulate the hormone levels. 18 years out, however, surgery is probably the only real option. While I agree with the surgeon generally, the psychological issues around this are important and I&#39m sure he can find a cosmetic surgeon to do the work. Acupuncture wise you can reduce swelling in the area which may respond to underlying hormone issues with the same points you would use for breast distention in women as a PMS symptom, but I would be surprised if you could make the tissue simply go away. The other option would be to have him work with a physical trainer who might be able to target those areas and at least sculpt them somewhat, but not seeing the patient myself I don&#39t know if that is a valid option.


As you said, he has liver Qi stag. and Sp def., so we can adjust his Yin Yang balance to make him healther, Points: Lv3 for sooth liver, Li4 for move body Qi, St 36 for health stomach and spleen, St40 for stop heavy weight of body, Ren 17 for sooth chest Qi. the medicine is "Xiao Yao San/wan" for sooth liver Qi and health spleen energy and remove depression from mind.


thank you both, this is very helpful.

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