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Esoteric Acupuncture & Energy Healing


Hello Yin Yang House family.

I wanted to go ahead and start a thread for any potential discussions about Dr. Mikio Sankey's Esoteric Acupuncture. I know it's not the most "straight edge" of TCM, but I've found in incredibly helpful for a variety of patients. Curious if anbody in this forum uses his prescriptions and has any insights and comments.

After chatting with Dr. Sankey, I came to understand that the purpose behind his prescriptions was to use them as baselines, and then use your inner wisdom to expand upon them as they fit your patient. For many of my patients coming in with spiritual and shen disturbances, I've found a great treatment that really helps ground them:

Lt: GB-40 Rt: KD-3 for grounding

Then, creating a Tree of Life from L1-S1 to activate the root and sacral chakras, and then creating a 6 pointed star with UB-44 & 47 as the 4 corners, and Du Points above and below to open the heart.

When used together, they seem to resolve a lot of programming that people have in regards to having a closed heart/mind towards themselves and their life experiences, and issues with not staying grounded. It's also been very affective at helping people resolve discord they have between what they think they need to do to survive (money and other materialistic attachments) versus what their soul/heart desire is.

Hope this starts some discussion!


Where can I find his work?

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