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Erectile dysfunction


I take azor for high blood pressure. I think it is causing ED. Will your formulas cause any issues if I take together?


You would have to be more specific – what formula? But the ultimate answer to your question is that you need to consult with a practitioner in your local area. The proper formula is not chosen by symptoms - rather by your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms (see “how to choose a formula” for more). Accordingly the right formula for your issues is the one that matches with all of your symptoms - long story short, with proper treatment, you may not even need western medicine for hypertension so then you don’t have to try to fight against. If you have hypertension and your are thinking of taking kd yang tonics for erectile dysfunction such as you gui wan, for example - no they won’t conflict per se, but I can almost ensure you (without knowing anything about your medical history) that that is the wrong approach for you to take.


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