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Epileptic seizures


I started having seizures at age 29. I have had 5 to date. They occur every 5 - 7 years always in the Spring. They are Grand Mal, and I have a loss of time after. I have been told by a Chinese Accupunturist that in the Chinese Culture it relates to wet, cold, phlemy. Can anyone elaborate, I am due to have anothe1r seizure this Spring and would like to avoid if possible. Thanks so much!


Do you get acupuncture treatment on a regular basis or at least through the spring? If not, that would be the place to start. The concepts of Chinese Medicine are generally difficult to understand without understanding how they all inter-relate and the concepts of dampness and phlegm are even more so.


In Chinese medicine there are a couple of different patterns that can lead to seizures. If you consistently are experiencing them in the springtime that suggests at least some element of wind.

Wind-stroke is a common pattern involving seizures. Basically the idea is that small amounts of wind can slowly accumulate and this can occur without any signs or symptoms. At some point, as the accumulation reaches a tipping point that trapped wind is released, which gusts through the body and temporarily blocks the flow of the energy. This results in seizures and/or stroke like symptoms. This would be treated very differently from energy blockage due to phlegm and/or damp accumulation.

You’re best bet is to find a local practitioner and work with them. Acupuncture can be extremely effective in reducing or even eliminating the occurrence of seizures.

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