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Energy in stomach meridian that shouldn't be there


Can an external energy in the stomach meridian that shouldn’t be there cause symptomology of hair loss, anxiety, panic attacks and mental illness issues? Something that is external, hot, moist, empty and a wind. In the stomach meridian? Also if a external wind isn’t “purged” can it move somewhere else? I have wondered this.


The nature of “wind” conditions are that they move. So one of the ways for distinguishing different “types” of arthritis (“bi syndromes”) for example would be what we call “fixed” bi is predominately from dampness - “my left knee always hurts” and “wandering” bi is related to wind - “some days my shoulder hurts and other times its my left hip”.

As with most things in Chinese Medicine (and in nature from which it’s observations come) it can get more layered. So, yes, many psychological issues are involved with the concept of “wind” in Chinese Medicine - but it is rare that that it all they are involved with. “Wind” can arise, and often does, from damp-heat for example - so the stagnation and frustration in movement so to speak from an internal system generates a force and this force rises upward. A somewhat straightforward example of this would be stroke from dietary factors - so a person has a long history of poor diet, generating dampness in the spleen and liver systems (i.e. things such as cholesterol and general inflammatory markers) and then this creates a “wind-strike” - i.e. the damage to the blood vessel.

The general “trick” with Chinese Medicine is to not think too linearly as we are trained in the west - but to think relationally and relatively. So something is not always yang - but it is yang in relation the related yin aspects - damp in relation to relative levels of dryness, etc.


I see. So is what I said valid? External heat moisture and empty. Not sure what empty ‘of’ is. Can this “condition” be in the stomach meridian. Also all the organs must be somehow a part of the 5 organs right? An then there’s hollow and solid organs.


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