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Energy center vs Essence center


Right, so the lower dantian is our essence center whereas the middel dantian is the energy center, right? The md, as far as i understand, is where usable qi creation happens and also where it is distributed to the rest of the body. So why is it that in qi gong and internal martial arts breathing is done with the ld?

Also where does yuan qi get imprinted on zong qi? In the ld or md? And I've heard the ld is connected with all the meridians so that would seem like the ideal place for redistribution to me?

I'm having a really hard time understanding this.

If anyone could explain the dynamics of it to me I would really appreciate it.


Zong Qi is food energy + air builded in lung, energy center is middle Dantian(Ren17), Yuan Qi is Kidney essence energy from prebirth and afterbirth, energy center is Lower Dantian(Ren4). Yuan Qi include all kinds of energy include Zong Qi. So in meditation Lower Dantian is more important than middle Dantian, but Qi Gong is also a breath exercise, so middle Dantian is very important too, because fresh air can tonify Zong Qi, then Zong Qi will combine blood go through meridians to any parts of body to suport energy(include blood), later the essence of Zong Qi also go Low Dantian combine and become Yuan Qi.


Your lungs in the upper Jiao generate the &#39pectoral Qi&#39, this is from the air we breath in - the lungs also dominate the Qi of the entire body. Your stomach/spleen generate &#39acquired Qi&#39 from digesting and transforming food and your lower Jiao stores the &#39essential (or inherited) Qi&#39 in your kidneys. During deep breathing you regulate the flow and connection between these, opening up the ways for better interraction. Your lungs are also responsible for water metabolism and fluid distribution in the body. According to the traditional 5 element theory (more precisely 5 phase theory) your kidneys are responsible to generate the &#39water element&#39 which your lungs distribute and also use for regulating body temperature through sweating. In turn the lungs help replenish kidney essence by sending down the &#39clear Qi&#39 (oxigenated blood).To assist these processes in the body deep breathing is advisable. .

Also from physiological point of view deep breathing &#39massages&#39 your internal organs which further assist them in their functionalities.

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