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Energy Axis



I've noticed that my energy comes up my back/spine area, goes into my neck/spine, starts up through my head then instead of going straight up and exiting or dissipating through GV20, it gets to the roof of my mouth and top of my ears area then pushes forward and swirls around the front of my head. It pushes on GV22 and GV23. Is this what should happen?
I have had headaches for years. I've started Tai Chi and I'm also having problems there because I seem to lean forward and be led by this 'front of my head' area. I'm very heavy and clumsy when I'm standing in what I feel is the correct upright position.




You need to complete the cycle by placing the tip of your tongue lightly on the roof of your mouth just behind the teeth (where the grooved surface and the smooth surfaces meet). This will allow the energy to clear the head and then flow down the CV Meridian into the dantien or the CV 6 area.

It can be detrimental to allow the energy to rise up and then to not bring it down. This often leads to a condition we call the "running fire" where the qi of the body gets stuck in the head. This can cause headaches, breathing problems, and over time psychological issues. There are two important points, particularly for beginners:

1) Never force the movement of energy in your body. Over time, given proper training, the energy will circulate freely and naturally. Forcing will hinder your progress and may make you sick.

2) After any form of qi gong (tai chi, mediation, etc.) always descend and settle your energy. First you can focus it into the dantien (using the tongue to allow the meridians to connect and the energy to flow downwards) and then simply rub the hands together, rub your arms, face, pat down your back, down the back of your legs, etc. to smooth out any stuck energy. This should be done everytime and is very important.

With regards to the leaning in Tai Chi, the above recommendations will help with this along with proper instruction.


Thank you for your response Chad. I apologize because I think I have confused two separate issues. I noticed this problem with my energy when I was using my chi machine. I thought I would try and use the Tong Ren philosophy of being as open and relaxed as possible while I was using the machine. I had expected my energy to be travelling in a line up and down my spine as I 'connected' with the universal energy. [of course, I may be wrong in this assumption] Instead I 'noticed' my energy was travelling forward and pushing to the extent that it actually stabs at and around GB14.
I thought that was a problem but maybe I should be allowing this energy to just continue downwards? It feels quite difficult to do that.
I suspect that the Tai Chi is a different [but related through my general health] issue. I thought they were connected because I'd noticed both issues had concentrated energy in the same area. I'm fortunate enough to have a very good teacher, I didn't think to ask her because I don't really get the opportunity in a class situation.




You definitely want the energy to circulate and collect in the dantien. This is what is known in many circles as the "micro-cosmic orbit." With regards to Tong Ren and the "looseness" idea, that involves not controlling the energy as much and to let it flow naturally to avoid disruptions. You still, however, want to descend the energy and smooth it out when you are finished with your practice. This is why in Tong Ren we generally start working on the top of the head, through the focal points, and then end using descending points such as LV 3 or KD 1.


Thank you Chad. I have started to use this tongue technique whenever I feel tension in my head. I am experimenting with using it when I am practicing a meditative state because I find I can get quite intense and fearfull < I obviously have issues with 'controlling' :-( > I'm OK just doing it periodically throughout the day and I have already noticed an improvement, my head feels lighter and more clear < I read a newspaper article without my glasses for the first time in ages today!> and I have a greater connection with my feet.
Thank you again, best wishes to you and yours.


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