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Endocrine Systems



I sincerely wish to know how our endocrine systems are controlled. What meridians controll these? we use homeostatic points to controll harmonal balance. but how individual endocrine glands can be handled By acupuncture?


Per a previous "discussion" where another practitioner indicated being tightly connected to the idea of an organ -> meridian relationship and I described that it is better to describe it in a system relationship, I feel people are often going down the wrong road (in my opinion) to understanding TCM. Acupuncture is largely -not- a point -> condition or point -> physical organ medicine. It&#39s effectiveness lies in it&#39s ability to understand systemic connections and to work with the body as a unit rather than the western linear model of individual organ with little relationship to anything else in the body. I strongly suggest you read the classics of Chinese Medicine as a starting point to get a better idea of how these constructs work.

The main thing with any condition is to stand back from it and look at the relationships which lead you to an overall TCM diagnosis. For example, reading our acupuncture for diabetes page you can see the many different diagnoses that can all lead to what we call diabetes in the west. The points and meridians involved will be different in each case. In most cases the spleen would be involved, but it may not be predominant in some cases and will be vital in others as an example.

All that said, in the Tam system of healing which we use primarily, the huatuo points at least do line up in a somewhat linear fashion. See the tam healing system huatuo chart for information. These points would be worked into treatments which also respected the overall TCM diagnosis as above.


Thank you very much for above clarification.

Beacause we have learnt the anatomy and principles of healling from western point of view, such doubts keep comming to our minds. through your discussion, it it much clear than earlier.

Thank you once again.

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