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Emotional eating and painful sex


I have possibly an unusual situation or one I have not previuosly heard of before. It looks like my chronic overeating has led to painful sex. I am a female. I have been an emotional eater since young adolescence for over 10 years now. I am very sensitive to everything anyone says and I overthink things that arent important. I eat for any emotional reason, most likely due to some anxiety or feeling of inadequacy and depression. Also I eat when I feel physical discomfort which in my case is frequent abdominal discomfort and fullness. Over the years I have managed to reduce physical discomfort considerably thru diet change and acupressure. I am slender, however I do still overeat regularly so both physical and emotional triggers are still there. I usually feel low energy and unmotivated except by food. Ever since I can remember sexual intercourse has been painful. It feels as though my whole inner epithelium and mucosa is inflamed. I usually dont have any interest in it, which is not how it always was. This creates a problem in my relationship. I also notice that I bruise easily and I feel pain upon pressure on any part of my body. It sounds a little like fibromyalgia, but without the flu like whole body aches. I saw a post here about freckles and blood stagnation. I had freckles as a child and now have them on my arms instead, and I have redheads in my family. I am trying to figure out what is my root trigger condition /disbalance is so that I can work on it. What is my general condition chinese medicine wise? Do you have any suggestions about redirectling emotions with specific acupressure or energy work? Also is there something specific I can do to relieve inflamation so as to make sex more enjoyable?

Thanks for your time


I would start by recommending you see a practitioner locally. Even though you may feel what you have provided is a fair amount of information upon which to base a diagnosis, it isn't... A practitioner will be able to ask you many detailed questions, physically palpate certain points, look at your tongue, pulse, etc. - all of the things which go into forming a diagnosis.

This diagnosis, however, is only truly confirmed when you respond to treatment. So you should see a practitioner for at least a period of time and then ask them for appropriate dietary changes, acupressure points, and other self-help ideas to help you along your path of healing.

In the meantime acupressure on HT 7 (mental calming), PC 6 (stomach upset/mental calming), SP 6 (aid stomach, calm energy) and/or LV 3 (descend and calm qi) may be helpful. For periods of overeating the easy to use formula Bao Ji Wan would help (and be safe overtime).


"It looks like my chronic overeating has led to painful sex". Not at all. Why would anything you have done, or not done, lead to pain during sex? My advice would be to consult a gynecologist, or womens' health care clinic. Acupuncturists (at least in my state) cannot order lab tests. You could have an infection or other condition (like BV or an STD for example) that is causing pain. Also some conditions such as diabetes, etc effect sexual response.

Often I see patients in my practice that do not like physicians and are using acupuncture as a substitute for medical advice. I believe that we as CAM practitioners should be working with physicians and when necessary referring patients out. Acupuncture is great for stress, emotional issues and many many conditions and I think you would benefit from it, but you should first have a physical exam. If a pelvic exam is difficult for you, for whatever reason, you might want to find a female gyn, or bring a support person with you for the exam.

Many women have sexual difficulties, whether it is vaginisimus (painful contraction of the vagina during penetration) or problems relaxing or achieving orgasm. It is something that can be worked on with a sex therapist (or couples' therapist, since often sexual problems are a couples' issue rather than one partner's issue). I would encourage you to try this, since our sexuality is an important part of our lives. In the meantime, some lubrication, such as KY or Astroglide may help. Also, make sure that you are sufficiently aroused before attempting sexual acts and not forcing yourself to do something just because you feel you owe it to a partner. Also, just a quick note, I remember reading studies in grad school showing that the women who had the least satisfying sexual response were ones that avoided masturbation. This is your body, you deserve to enjoy it. Good luck

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