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Emotional deadness\inability to connect to my body after emotional trauma


Hi.I am 21 years old. I have always been very emotionaly aware and sensitive.after meditation for some years, I experienced a period of extreme energetic movements inside my body and also a great opening of my heart,this brought a great and profound emotional suffering for nearly a year because my openness.I eventually woke up one night to a experience of total emotional numbness and deadness that has not left me since.for over a year I have not experienced any emotions.not even basic ones.also I cannot connect to my body,it is horrible,I feel totally separated from myself.I assume in some way due to the profound emotional suffering my heart and nervous system closed down in a reactionary manner.I have not felt a single thing in my heart for a year. I cannot feel my breathing or is horrible and my question is any advice on acupuncture points or routines of treatment that could somehow allow qi to enter back into my deeply qi lacking body. and which points so I can start having a awareness of my body again?also opening the heart.and just generally getting back my emotions and physical awareness back. I even decide to do a ba degree in china in acupuncture starting this september to learn how to heal myself.I am fully dedicated despite my circumstances.would be truly grateful for some technical advice and recommendations


Well, first, I imagine you have at least read some about what acupuncture does and doesn&#39t treat (i.e. diagnostic patterns vs. western symptoms). Understanding your pattern is what will help you the most and this is derived from understanding all of your symptoms as well as facets as the tongue and pulse. To understand some of this the article "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" and our section on TCM Diagnostic Patterns would be the parts to explore. Particularly figuring out and understanding the significance of your tongue and pulse.

Along those lines, have you actually seen an acupuncturist? If not, obviously you should... not least of which if you are considering training to be one... If so, did you get any response at all to treatment and what did they try?


hey:) thanks for your reply.I went one time.she didn't give me any diagnoses I told her my situation and she worked on the heartmeridian down my forearm and the lungs meridian channel combined with heat on the dantian response was slight shaking,no energetic sensations,a slight experience of resistance,muscular contraction around my diagphram and that's all I recall. the only point I really remember was when she put a needle through the central top of my skull.directly centerline.for some reason I guess it stimulated the complex process of releasing various hormones to give me a sensation of true happiness.that is the only time I have had emotion for over a year.well I can also experience sadness,in the abdominal but nothing above that.that sensation of happiness and deep peace lasted about two hours when I was walking back from the treatment to home.would love a explanation of why that is so and any further recommendations.cheers :)


This could be meditation or Qi Gong run fire, to figure out what happen on your body&#39s Qi problem, you may go back to your original meditation teacher to ask him/her what happened, because your meditation teacher should responsibility to what happen to your body during his/her meditaion classes. If your original meditation teacher can not resolve your problem. I think you need find a higher level meditation master or Qi Gong master to lead your body&#39s Qi go back to the correct channels. Good Luck!


thank you for your reply. I believe to some degree you are right feng mei.but I have never had a meditation teacher.I started meditating when I was 14 by myself.that is 7 first my experiences were very awakening and amazing but then some of the energetic experiences became uncontrollable for me.for example a spinning sensation of energy or qi on the right side of my chest parallel to my heart developed,feelings of electricity flowing through my forearms and uncontrollable muscular contractions,then extreme emotional sensitivity. I really wish I had a qi gong teacher or anyone with any ability to help me.I spent one year in china travelling,just came back two weeks ago. I had no luck finding anyone this time.anyway,again thank you very much for talking the time to respond to me


I used to run fired in Qi Gong practice when I was 19 years old, then I stoped at once, after one year rest, I began to practice Taiji Quan, just do the movement, not pay any attention of breath or Qi movement, after 3 years of Taiji quan exercise, I became better and healther than before,, Till now, I totally get out of the run fire effective. Hope you can find a Tai Chi teacher in Amercian.

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