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Emotional Chaos after treatment


A friend of mine is learning accupuncture. He has given me accupuncture a few times and twice afterwards I have become emotionally distressed and anxious.
I have been having accupuncture for years from a wonderful practitioner and have never had this response.
There is an emotional connection with my friend, and he is a bit more experimental, could his treatments be opening too many blockages at once and creating an onslaught of emotions? Or could it even just be that he is performing the treatments?
The last treatment focussed on points around both wrists and ankles - attempting to alleviate shoulder pain.
My kinesiologist has also been helping with this pain that seems to stem from emotional trauma.
I have been very calm and emotionally stable for months and yet within a couple of hours of the treatment I have become overly emotional and irrational, experiencing anger and deep sadness.
Thanks in advance.


It’s hard to know without knowing more about you and which points your friend is using - even then it might be hard. It is certainly possible with very poor and/or too aggressive point selections to make someone feel worse energetically/emotionally and/or physically. Generally those responses don’t last long, but it is possible. It may also be that once it has happened once, there is a sort of expectation by your body making it more likely to happen in subsequent treatments.

One way to find out would be to have him do a very simple treatment, limited to maybe 2 or 3 points bilaterally with even needling and see if you still respond that way.

There is a type of transference that can happen between practitioners and their patients and vice versa, so it can also be, as you alluded to, something between the two of you. That to me, however, seems more unlikely than your friends technique and/or point choices.


It happened to me as well (more than once), and I have the experience that after this period (of a few days) the blockages seem to be kind of gone and I feel stronger than I felt before the treatment.

Even though you may have felt stable for months… you did search for your friend’s help or was this to help him in his practice? :slight_smile:


No, I ask for his help with the shoulder pain as getting into my usual practitioner is tricky because he is so popular.
But have previously had treatments from him for practice.
Thanks for your response. It’s an interesting result, but moving the blockages is good. I hope I bounce back stronger too. X


Thank you.
Will see how it goes.

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