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Electro stimulator


Submitted By: perwirajayaperkasa


i'm wira from indonesia,i have question how to use electro stimulator becouse i confused to use that,i have YINGDI electro stimulator and how to use the electro stimulator for obesitas treatment

thank you


That is a difficult question to answer because the answer is to not treat "obesity" but treat the causes of "obesity". How you do this is through proper tcm diagnosis. People can gain weight from spleen qi deficiency, from kidney yang deficiency, from liver qi stagnation, from combinations of all of these and more. Electro acupuncture or not, there isn&#39t a standard protocol to use. So the general answer to your question is first come up with an appropriate diagnosis for your patient, then figure out suitable treatment points and if any of those are suitable for use with electro acupuncture and you feel that is appropriate then use that.

One study, however, did standardize some points for the purposes of the study (again, probably poor form in true clinical setting). They used EA on the following points:

<li>Auricular Points</li>
<li>Appetite Control</li>
<li>Shen Men</li>
<li>Body Points</li>
<li>LI 4</li>
<li>LI 11</li>
<li>ST 25</li>
<li>ST 36</li>
<li>ST 44</li>
<li>LV 3</li>

Treatment was offered over 20 days with good effect.


and then for auricular point, needle what used to be auricular point,normal acupuncture needle or needle of ear?


It doesn&#39t really matter, but generally ear needles would be used on auricular points.

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