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Electro meridian imaging


Hi, has anyone used the electro meridian imaging for diagnosing, and if so how do you find it, how do you rate it?



Hello Kim,

I am using AcuGraph from US Miridia company and I can just simply say - Go For It!!! I am using it in my kinesiology practice since last year and just love it!!! You can fully trust to it, what I can't tell about many things these days. The present and future is about technology and science. This is an exellent tool, cool, entertaining for clients as well etc....., very fast (the all 12 meridians exam takes you 3-4 minuts), and as one of their great teachers said - the acupoints are just under your mouse:). Go and check on their web sites (if you didn't done this yet) and there is perfectly described, how it works.

This is out of my heart for you.

Best luck.



thanks Elsa for the reply, was thinking about buying this, I thought it was just for acupuncturists, how do you use it for kineseology? I have seen the site it looks great but so is the cost of this one 2k compared to others on the market for 1k on this site, but the acugraph one looks the business, thanks for your input reply soon Kim

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