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Electro acupuncture and now chronic pain in buttock


I have had buttock pain for 6 months after having had a slight car accident that hurt my back and coccyx, had chiro fir that and the a physio gave me excercises . Since then buttock pain so no relief from western medicine, tried loads . Decided to try Chinese trained acupuncurist meant recommended.
He put one needle in my buttock that was electro and others normal. The electro one was too much stimulation, too high and on fir 10 minutes. He had left the room.
Chronic pain now in my hip and buttock, groin and some down side if keg and back of leg. Much worse.have to take sleeping rabbets and in pain walking, sitting and lying down .
Anyone had thus happen and what did they do.
I am desperate .


How long ago did you have the electric stimulation? Did the pain begin immediately afterwards?


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