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I am not sure if this is the best forum for this question. I wasn't sure where it would be most appropriate to ask.

I have read that EFT, or emotional freedom technique, is based upon tapping accupuncture points with self-talk to help with diverse issues.

Here is my question:

Do you believe it would be helpful or harmful to play a tapping game (EFT) with children to improve learning? The tapping points would include the areas near these points (the children themselves do the tapping): in this order== UB2, GB1, ST2, GV26, CV24, CV22 & KD27, LV14. The game is meant to be fun, supportive, and done while singing a rhyming song (Tom Tinker, Eye Winker, Nose Dripper, Mouth Eater, Chin Chomper, ....).

Background: I am a special education teacher in public elementary school. My students have developmental delays, moderate to severe, or multiple disabilities. I use a variety of multi-sensory teaching/learning strategies.

If you think this EFT strategy is inapporpriate or ineffective, could you recommend another strategy that would be supportive and encourage learning (especially retention of learning)?


EFT works well with kids especially when you make it fun. see for lots of support and free downloads.


EFT and our energy healing technique, Tong Ren Therapy, are loosely similar in a few ways. Certainly any form of energy healing/acupressure/acupuncture, etc. is perfectly fine and highly recommended with children. Developmental disabilities and focus/concentration issues are commonly treated with any of the methods.

The one major difference, of a few important ones, between EFT and Tong Ren Therapy is which points to use. Tong Ren Therapy is actually part of the larger Tam Healing System so the main points for a particular condition are the same whether we are doing Tong Ren (energywork), Acupuncture, or Tuina - which we generally do all 3 of on our patient in clinic and only Tong Ren at our public healing classes.

Anyhow, the points that we would use are described in the Tong Ren for ADD/ADHD article. For some of the developmental disabilities we would use a few other points but this would depend on the case.


Thank you. I have been to Gary Craig's site. There are a lot of testimonials. Do you know of any links that give specific tapping points for children? I am interested in helping children with developmental delays (which may include ADD/ADHD or dyslexia but are not diagnosed until after age 9).

This site is wonderful because Mr. DuPuis offers practitioners resources that are generally only available in books or from teachers. What an unselfish contribution to society. This is the type of information I am looking for in EFT. Does it exist?

Tong Ren sounds interesting, but I am a teacher, not a holistic health practitioner. I don't have time to study Tong Ren (sounds complicated). Teaching is a very demanding job, and very rewarding when children are successful. I do appreciate every bit of help.



As EFT is not my area of speciality I do not keep up on related websites, perhaps someone else knows of some. That said, Tong Ren, was created to be a simple therapy that anyone can perform. And this is the case. All of the hard work - which points to use, etc. has already been done for you and written down. People who learn the techniques generally get the exact same results that we get with the same types of cases. We have treated many, many children with various conditions and have some practitioners who specialize in treating ADD and development related conditions with great success. You do not need specialized information to practice Tong Ren - you do, however, need a Tong Ren Model, a Hammer, and the Cross-Reference Guide which shows which points to tap for nearly every condition you would ever see (although we do have a number of the conditions online as well). If you wanted to know some more background theory on the system, the Tom Tam Healing System text would be the place to start.


Thank you for your reply. Tong Ren sounds do-able...I appreciate the links. I'll give it a try.


Studying Tong Ren may seem overwhelming, but if you go to a meeting several times you are repitively exposed to the points and the rationale behind it. I don't know if that is particular to our group or if all groups operate this way. I have found that I can now anticipate some of the points used for specific conditions.

Good luck. The need is great and if you figure out something that is effective, please let us know.

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