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I have a problem with ED. It sometimes goes and comes. I suspect it has something to do with the type of work I do, which has to do with heavy lifting. I wonder if because of the heavy lifting, I have caused a nerve to be pinched in my lower back. I mean one of the nerves on the spine that has to do with a man getting an erection. So I may go to whatever is the approprite medical practioner and have my back ex-rayed. If it turns out that I do indeed have a pinched nerve, then here is my question. Will a bodywork practioner be able to work on my spine and lower back and be able to cause the nerve to no longer be pinched? Is this enough information for you to be able to give me your thoughts or do I need to give more information about my over all body and the health? By the way I have very good health and I am not over weight.


If you do in fact have a pinched nerve then this can lead to ed. Consulting with an acupuncturist locally, ideally one who also does tuina (chinese medical massage) would be the best place to start. Bodywork could also be helpful, but if there are other issues beyond the structural ones acupuncture will arguably be more capable to deal with them.

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