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I had nerve sparing prostrate removal surgery 1 year 10 months ago. I still have ED. I just started taking acpunture treatment. Im interested if anyone on this group has tried acupunture for this condition

Thank you


Nerve damage from surgery or other traumatic injuries in any area is very commonly treated with acupuncture. Generally speaking it responds quite well, but anytime you have surgery there is a risk of damage that the body cannot account for.

I would strongly recommend you have 7-10 treatments of acupuncture and see how you do. In most cases you will see improvement and in some that would be enough to resolve things completely. In others you may need more treatment over a longer period of time but in nearly every case if you are going to improve you will start to see at least some positive changes within the first 4-7 treatments. You will at least know fairly quickly whether or not your condition is going to respond to acupuncture.

We treat this specifically quite often and a broad range of nerve related damage in other areas and there are very few cases that do not improve at all - most of those are from very complex and invasive surgeries.

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