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Eczema on throat from seasonal allergies


Since I was a kid I had seasonal allergies in spring… and skin breakouts on hands…

It’s gotten a lot better over the years, but the eczema kind of changes location… for the past 6 months or so, neck is the worst… and also a patch under my eye as well as scalp.

I can get my other allergy symptoms in control (burning watery eyes, nose, cough etc. ) but the eczema has been crazy bad for the past week.

Is it possible that this is triggered purely by the polen and stuff from outside ?

Looks pretty good on the photo, but I didn’t manage to get one where it’s more visible…


When you say:

Let’s start with what that entails?

I’m guessing your allergies are not that well under control and/or what you are doing to keep them under control is giving you other symptoms or allowing certain symptoms to still break through so to speak…


that’s what I am thinking as well… that the eczema is just a break out of the underlying imbalances.

In terms of allergy symptoms I mean the common ones… runny / stuffy nose, red burning eyes, coughing… as mentioned already.

I think for this acupuncture can be quite beneficial… (3-4 years ago I had a few session with an acupuncturist and it helped)

Also, my tongue issue seems to be way worse… I’m guessing it has to do with the overall imbalance and inflammation ?


Yes, certainly regular acupuncture would be helpful for this range of eczema and allergy issues. Formula wise we often use some combination of xin yi wan and xiao feng wan. Those are more than symptomatic as far as effect goes, but they are more symptomatic than I generally like so deeper work most often needs to be done to truly resolve the issues. And those deeper issues generally require consistent work with a good practitioner.


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