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Eczema and xue question


There’s two questions I have here. If the Spleen meridian has some blood what’s that mean ? And I have scallops on my tongue so I have a problem there.

I also have eczema tha appears on my feet at times under stress and such. Is that damp heat rising to the surface or a wind ? Internal wind or external. Something is moving through the skin. And I don’t think it’s xue. Jen or yi maybe. It is a dishydrotic eczema that is watery blisters that come to the surface of the skin itch and can burst.


Many thanks for your kindness !


If you look on our eczema treatment page you will see a large number of possible underlying patterns and they are not all damp or wind related. Only your practitioner would be able to answer what diagnostic pattern yours is arising from. From previous posts you have a bit of layered set of conditions/patterns, so self-diagnosis would be hard to do in a linear fashion like you are trying. From a practitioner perspective, treatment in cases like yours is more akin to peeling back an onion - you certainly start by trying to determine the root imbalance/pattern but even if you are sure of what that is there are many steps towards getting to the point where you can safely treat that. Our acupuncture treatment prognosis guidelines gives some basic information on that topic.

With dampness from a weak spleen, for example, you generally have to clear damp first and then tonify and tonifying first can create damp-heat. That’s just one of many possibly related examples.


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