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Eczema and a seemingly magical cure


Hi everyone,

Relatively new to chinese medicine or at least in understanding it. Recently, I was recommended a medicine by my relatives going by the name "Snake itch removing pills"

Sceptical at first, these pills have proven arguably to best treatment that i have received, exceeding the numerous creams and medication I have been prescribed. As such i have conducted a search on this medicine and have found little information on it besides that ;

1. There is another medicine called Tri Snake itch removing pills that is commonly referred to


2. A number of medicines with snake in its name.

I wanted to ask, is there a similarity between these 3 medicines and what is it that makes this medicine so much more effective than western medicines. Lastly, are there any dangers to taking it?



The Chinese Name for the formula is San She Jie Yang Wan or Hua She Jie Yang Wan (among other minor variants). The english translation is roughly, "Colorful snake eliminating itching" "pills" (wan = pills).

And, yes, that is a commonly used formula (among a few others) for a range of skin conditions. As for whether or not it is the right formula for you only a practitioner could properly say. Results are not necessarily resolving the cause even though they are great to get. Chinese Medicine, properly prescribed and used, can help to uproot the cause of illness in many cases which means that over time no more treatment is necessary and no more outbreaks. You can also get symptomatic relief as many western medicines provide.

Most of the formulas with snake in the name are roughly the same - some use minor variants in ingredients to either make the formula cheaper or supply reasons - among others.

As far as dangers in taking it - it should be avoided in pregnancy (not important for you) and should only be used under medical supervision in people on blood thinners. For the most part it is safe and used for occasional flare-ups it can be useful. Taken too much, however, the clearning effects of the formula can weaken people - usually starting with weaker digestion. This, among the other reasons noted above, is why a practitioner should monitor people in the use of many TCM formulas.

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