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Dear dr, if my understanding is right, Ebola in terms of acupuncture is HEAT IN THE BLOOD, SPLEEN NOT GOVERNING THE BLOOD. Can points like Li 11, Sp 1, Du 14, Du 20, Liv 2, would help Ebola patients? If yes, at what frequency they must be treated?


Ebola is a life threatening condition that requires western medicine in most cases. Additionally it can spread quite easily and acupuncture, while I have no doubt that it can be useful for immune strengthening in general, would have to be very carefully adminstered to keep the practitioner safe. And in my opinion the risks of both lack of responsive rate from the treatment and risk to the practitioner I would be hard pressed to recommend it in active ebola patients. That said, there are a variety of immune and blood clearing herbal formulas that could potentially be useful from a Chinese Medicine perspective and those would be easier, safer and likely far more effective than acupuncture in active stage ebola patients if no other options existed.

After they have cleared the infection then proper Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture to ensure proper health onwards are certainly viable and, yes, you would look for heat in the blood related signs and damage to the blood level of the body.

In our system I would focus on the huatuo points of T1, T2, T3 and T7 (bone marrow, thymus, lung/lymph and blood in that order), along with other constitutionally related points.

Now if you are asking how to keep patients without ebola safe from contraction of the condition that&#39s an entirely different question and there are many possible options.


Thank you Dr...

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