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Eastern Nutrition Question


I find this site to be very informative. I have alot of questions to ask. I start with a basic one. I have this friend who has a skin fungal disease. When expose to humid & hot weather it gets inflammed and red, itchy. He likes to drink beer. I told him that he has a skin condition that is charterized as heat (perhaps damp heat/but more heat then damp). On top of that he has insomnia. Since I been knowing him he doensn't sleep or sleep very few hours per night. I know there could be other factors other than heat/dampness that could be causing his condition. What do you think about the beer drinking? Beer is damping by nature...what are some other energic qualities of beer?

-- EarthlyBeauty


Hello "EarthlyBeauty",

According to Joerg Kastner in his book Chinese Nutrition Therapy Beer has a cooling to cold thermal nature, falls into the bitter & sweet flavor categories and has the effect of cooling liver heat. In moderation this might be true, however, in excess alcohol does add heat and dampness to the body. From a purely eastern perspective, beer in moderation, is usually used to foster circulation, add warmth to the body, and relax the mind.

From a western/physiological perspective, alcohol is known to cause poor sleep - so drinking outside of moderation at anytime during the day or drinking in moderation closer than a few hours before going to sleep is likely to cause problems.

With regard to your friend, alcohol is probably not the most beneficial thing he could be doing. From an eastern nutrition perspective, he would most likely want to eat foods which benefit the lungs/skin (metal element) and cool heat, especially in the liver (wood element).

As an acupuncturist, however, I would recommend your friend visit a local practitioner to obtain a precise diagnosis to allow him, in conjuction with his practitioner, to make appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes.

For self-help, the text The Wellness Book by Herbert Benson has an entire chapter on improving your sleep which is one of the more useful presentations that I have seen.

Yin Yang House Acupuncture & Energy Healing Clinic


Beer is clasafied as Yin, & I find it to be a sleep aid, So as far as Self ,medacating
He sounds on the money!(try Alo) for cooling.
As for resting better' have them look into breathing practices (Kuntalinie) to be
Spacific. Its a workOut its centering & the resultent relaxation will act the same as sleep
/rest. Good luck
Breathing with/exercise /Qi gong


I understand that bakingSoda is antiFungal? Its safe to try anyway?

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