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Ear Seeds for Balance Issues


Hi, can ear seeds be used if my father ( 88 years old ), is having balance issues. We have had him tested with numerous specialists but they cannot find anything. He loses his balance for no reason at all and its random. He is not dizzy, does not lose consciousness and does feel when its coming on. I am hoping these ear seeds can help him.


You could, but the question would largely be where and, honestly, I don’t find them very effective. Some practitioners use them simply to sustain some of the aspects of a full acupuncture treatment and that, while I generally don’t do that in my clinic, has some merit.

Balance issues in all populations, certainly in the elderly, are very commonly treated with acupuncture, so I would suggest you see a licensed acupuncturist in your area. If your practitioners feels their is value in ear seeds for him they will put them on for you and tell you how to use them properly and for how long.


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