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Ear acupuncture point for seasonal allergies



few years ago, one practitioner recommended one thing for allergies…
Instead of orally ingesting the antihistamine tablet, he stuck small part of the tablet on my ear.

Somewhere in this area:

At that time, it helped a lot with my seasonal allergy symptoms (runny nose and eyes, itching, skin rash, cough).
Is this legit? I did some research on this, but couldn’t find anything… not even specific related points in that area of the ear. I wanted to try it again, but wasn’t sure which ear to use, or the exact location.



If you look at our auricular points chart within the auricular theory section of the site, you’ll see the “allergy point” in that area. So, yes, it may be helpful. It is also noted within our auricular master points graphic which may be easier to read.


Oh, perfect. Thank you for the quick response!
Just to make sure, the allergy point is actually on the inside part of the ear lobe, right ?


Yes, it’s on the inside underneath the apex of the ear, underneath the extra point erjian.

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