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Ear acupuncture for candida , chronic fatigue


Submitted By: rachel pereira

i would like to know the best EAR acupuncture points to treat candida , adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue , also if there is a good website with ear acupuncture treatment protocols... rachel pereira


Ear points for your question:

Symathetic Autonomic, Endocrine Pt., Intertragus, Brain stem, Subcortex, Heart, Liver, Spleen, Shen Men, & adrenal. And this is a very good website!


Feng&#39s points would more than likely be helpful and, for reference, you can read through our auricular acupuncture section. That said, acupuncture treats "patterns" and not conditions, particularly largely suggestive "conditions" such as "adrenal exhaustion" and "candida" which are really more terms for a set of symptoms that vary so much from person to person making the western "diagnoses" near irrelevant in my opinion. My point for stating this, however, is not to debate these terms but to express the importance of you finding someone to properly diagnose you in Chinese Medicine terminology which will then make finding the appropriate points much easier.

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