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Ear ''acupuncture''-bodies response


I found 6-7 most painfull points on my ears and placed vaccaria seeds on them 2-3 days ago. Among other issues i have a problem of heat rising up my throat and so the back of my throat is always red but it doesn't hurt. This condition is a chronic one and is lasting for years.

Now after those previously mentioned 2-3 days i started feelin ''pain'' on my right side of the throat, its not really pain but i can feel it when i swallow etc. I haven't been sick, not even with a cold for over 5 years now so i am pretty sure its not bacterial or viral.

Was wondering if this is due to the vaccaria seeds making affect since i placed 2-3 seeds where esophagus/throat points are located. I have removed those seeds early morning and have left only 2-3 seeds on my ears in the points which are extremly tender, where it hurts even if i place a feather on them.


Ear point seeds should put one ear for 2-3 days a term, and exchange to the other ear for the second term. It is alternate treatment. too long time to stimulate one ear is not good for treatment.


OH, that&#39s good to know. I was not aware of this, when reading a book it mentioned that the seeds can stay up to a week, and there was nothing about alternating ears.

Can you tell me what happens next? If the seeds are 3 days on one ear, than 3 days on the second ear, do i than go again to the first ear or?

How many treatments like this are usually needed?


Yes, you need repeat on each ear for alternate treatments, and you also can change the points prescription on the ear, everyday you need self press or massage the seeds several times, but not too hard to hurt the ear, it may need long time treatment to change your body condition. I think after 3 weeks treatments you need one week to rest. If you feel better, you can stop treatment.


Yes, i know breaks should be done because if you stimulate certain points to much they lose their effectivness, so they also need to rest. I was also aware of the self press or massage, so this is good :)

In your opinion, how many points is wise to treat in one session? 2-3 of the most painfull or more?


There are certainly protocols for different kind of disease, you can read some books about ear points treatment of TCM. In the school text book shows a lot, or you can google it:)


Yes, i already finished one book (auriculotherapy manual) and am about to read one more.

I just need to ask you another question, an interesting trivia. I mentioned before that i had one really painfull spot on both ears, now i spotet i actually made some damage to my right ear with the seeds (i broke a bit of skin and there is a small wound there that is now healing)

This obviously happened in the same time when that little &#39&#39spot&#39&#39 on my right side of throat started hurting (even though i am not sick or anything, just a bit of a strange feeling)

Is there any chance that this small damage to that ear point actually projected the pain on my throat?

The ear damage is almost completely healing by now and so is that weird sensation, both at lingering on a straw.

Very interesting!


The ear skin broken means inflammation(body heat) happened, so you must stop ear points treatment at once. Throat sore is the body alert of that condition. Normally ear points treatment just a side help of the body needles, after finish the body needling treatment, then use ear points for the treatment to keep longer time effective. So ear points treatment should combined with body needles treatment is the best way.


I know, the only problem with that story is that i live in a poor country where acupuncture is almost non existant. Closest practitioner is in the countries capital city and going there multiple times with all fees included is something i can&#39t manage at this moment i am afraid.

I am 100% sure that i have heat problems. Back of my throat is red all the time (it doesn&#39t hurt, just red)

Front of my tongue (the part that goes out of the mouth) isnt&#39 coated but is a bit red and has small bumps on the side. The back of the tongue has thin white coating.

When i sleep, i have increased saliva production, sometimes i have to get up to spit it out, and when i do this, its colour is brownish/dark greenish. When i brush my teeth it&#39s normal coloured.

I get sour taste in my throat when i wake up and have to do nose irigation with saline to clear passages from my nose to throat.

I have dark blue cercles under my eyes and also redish skin around my nose/mouth, because of this my skin complexion doesn&#39t look that good.

I had acne like bumps on my triceps, but much less now, only small red dots here and there.

I used to have a very strange problem where my hands were red, specially when i was in the shower in the winter, they get so red they were almost glowing but aren&#39t warm and no pain.

I had two root canals, in first molars on my upper right jaw and lower left jaw, i removed them both with a certain protocol that guarantees proper healing.

I am afraid that i am unable to determine how my pulse acts since that is something i can&#39t learn from a book.

Does this look like something to you Feng Mei?

I have read many books about acupuncture, i know where acu points are located and how to find them and needle them. I know what needling sensation feels like. I have needles, moxa, seeds, electric, even some 800 gauss magnets.

Can you please suggest me how i can lower that heat that is rising to my throat?


I stopped with the ear seeds a couple of days ago. The book i was reading said ear seeds can be used with regular acupuncture but also alone, that is why i tried to used them because i didn&#39t know which acu points to stimulate and how.


I am 25 years old, male, this is a chronic long lasting condition (7 years now, maybe even 8).

Before it was much worse, after learning about many ways to heal naturally i decreased symptoms that were bothering me by probably 70%, but these 30 % that are left are still bothering me plenty.

I live a very healthy life. I don&#39t drink nor smoke, i don&#39t even drink sodas, only pure water and teas. I don&#39t eat processed nor fast foods, no sugar, no meet other than fish, i eat veggies, fruits (try to get organic, have my own garden) seeds, nuts, beans.. I enjoy the healthy life style and would never go back to before but i clearly have a huge wish to get healthy.

I also forgot to mention that i have troubles gaining weight (i work out a bit at home with weights, 3-4 times a week). My stool tends to have undigested pieces in it, parts of carrots, seeds, nuts and also floats sometimes on the water, doesn&#39t sink. That is probably an important piece of information.

If you need anything else, please, just ask. I sure hope you can spare some of your time and knowledge to help me understand what is going on inside me.


You are right, phlegm is always going from my nose to my throat, but much less lately than on beggining.

My problem is that i am not gaining weight :) i am obviously not digesting my food properly. I do cook it well except for veggetables, fruits, nuts, seeds..

Thank you for this, will give it a proper read.


You need cook well the food before eat, it will good for your digestion, keep room air fresh and room temperature comfortable(don&#39t get cold), or wear enough clothes, these will help protect your breath system no get inflammation at throat, You have phlegm, keep spit out of them, don&#39t swollow it. You just 25 years old, it is normal to gain weight at this age, and body heat is Ok at this age. Keep sports exercise to sedate extra body heat is the best way. Have enough sleep time will help your under eyes color.


Hello, how is your condition. Feel free to contact me if you would be interested in other holistic methods of care.

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