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Eacupuncture for thoracic building discs?


My son is 38 yrs old, has 2 bulging disc in his thoracic region, one building out and the other in, toward the spinal cord. He was sent to a back surgeon who told him surgery should be his last option. He recommended pain management.

He went through a chiropractor’s recommended treatment who then said they couldn’t help him.

I’m telling him To try acupuncture, but I really don’t know if this is a condition that it can fix.

Not sure if this info is relevant but he has no idea what the cause of the bulges are.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Vivian


Bulging/ruptured discs are very commonly treated with acupuncture and generally do very well. In my professional clinical opinion you would want to see an acupuncturist who also does tuina (Chinese medical massage) and cupping. You should count on 5-10 treatments initially (best a week apart - no closer). When things improve he will either need nothing, or perhaps some maintenance treatments.

The thoracic area can be somewhat difficult to open up because of the alignment of muscles and tissue in the area, but he should do well with proper treatment. Some massage therapy along with his acupuncture, particularly if he has fairly tight musculature would also be a helpful addition to treatment.


I always receive a quick, competent reply. Thank You! I’m forwarding this info to him.

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