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E-stim for bone break


I understand there is benefit to bone growth with electrical field improving new bone growth. I need to know the frequency band


You’ll find the following research article of interest: “The science of electrical stimulation for bone healing”. If you are talking more about acute injuries - from a more Chinese Medicine perspective the herbal formula jin gu die da wan can be incredibly useful as can moxibustion in the area.


Just a word of caution, if you’re not familiar with using electrical stimulation it can impede bone growth if the voltage or particularly the amperage is too high. While this can be a very helpful technique, I really wouldn’t recommend using it without any prior training.


Thanks for this caution. I am a student at University of Bridgeport, and have some pretty good teachers. I would work with only a couple of careful spoken suggestions and would back that up with some amount of research. I am just beginning to treat as an intern, and have been observing in our clinic for a couple of years. But not seen bone growth as a goal done with e-stim. For muscle pain (stagnation) we use ~10Hz; and attempt to tire the muscle that is painful. When attempting to lessen inflammation, we use ~50 HZ,

I am not certain of the waveform of the unit that I purchased simply(~$200 cheap) from Llaso OMS, but presume it’s a single polarity, square wave DC pulse. So another question for bone growth is the polarity. I found some mention of DC (!not pulsed!?) with the bone at (+) and the surrounding tissue at (-) but think that was a heavy handed experiment.

I tend to think that having muscles contract around a broken bone ain’t such a good idea. Possibly the higher frequency with no net motion nor tension created in the muscle tissues is a better approach… but I am not really gonna experiment. I tend to think of the wrestling of ions thru a membrane or two, and/or across interstitial space to be done with low amplitude high frequency excitation.

All this is thinking stems from my wife (63yrs) having buckle/cully(sp) fractured her distal radius attempting dismounting from a hover board for the first (and only) time. Thinking only, so far.


Thanks for your feedback, by the way, and many thanks for the site that has helped me in my learning this complex yet wonderful study and healing modality.

Steve Fog


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