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E. Coli Pattern medicine/herbs

Hello, there is any pattern medicine/herbs used to treat E.Coli infection in TCM?

Thank you

In some ways I feel like you are coming at this from the wrong direction. You don’t map a pattern to a western defined issue. You use the western defined issue as a piece of the overall equation and then, essentially, find the persons pattern independent of their issues so to speak and then work to tie it all back together - not doing that leads to very generic answers and poor or negative results for the patient.

For example, in many cases you would be using some aspect of spleen tonification and/or immune supporting formulas (such as those in this study of sepsis). But if the patient was wildly yin deficient, for example, you would have to take that into consideration to not help one issue while making another, their root issues, worse. The large part of the benefit of Chinese Medicine is the infinite ways to tailor to the individual, it is also part of the complexity for better or worse.

For the specifics of e coli, studies such as this one look at detailed bio chemistry and functions of various Chinese herbs in detail.

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