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has anyone treated this. Dyslexia and what was the best results


Dyslexia is largely a neurological issue, so focusing on the scalp points is an important part of developing your treatment plan. In the Tam Healing system we generally focus on the huatuo point of C2 which effects the frontal lobe (concentration, focus, etc.), TH 16, SI 17 - sky window points - to facilitate the circulation and communication to and from the brain, and GV 22 which we use to treat issues related to the unconscious mind (generally, developmental issues). Other points would be added as appropriate based on TCM or other principles particular to your training.


what other points can I use in such a case "Dyslexia following post herpetic stroke "


First, please use comments for questions directly related to the original poster and create a new forum post for a new discussion such as your question. This helps to assure that your post gets answered and doesn&#39t send notices to the poster that someone has answered their question when they haven&#39t.

Second, what do you mean by "what other points" - have you tried the ones listed and found them to not be effective? If so, provide your diagnosis with supporting signs and symptoms, your treatment points that you used, frequency and duration and what results if any you have and why you feel this is unsatisfactory.

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