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Dvt blood clot in leg


Iv been diagnosed w dvt in my right leg for abt 2yrs now w no real progress just stabilized…been off the typical meds docs Wld proscribe since Oct whn I got layd off my job and had insurance do only takin baby aspirin…w in couple months got an infection similar to cellitis arnd my ankle due to lack of blood circulation doc put me on antibiotics but still not completely healed hav been lookin twrds natural methods that cld possibly help my dvt mor then the typical pharm meds docs lik to keep u on that dnt seem to do much but stabilize the situation…Wld lik to knw if u cld inform me of natural remedies or herbs that Wld help my current condition



You would need to see a practitioner to get proper treatment. It can be dangerous to take the types of herbs that may help you without proper supervision.

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