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Dupuytren's Contracture



I came across some information on a forum website about the use of Chuan Xiong (Szechuan Lovage Root) in the treatment of Dupuytren's contracture - (thickened palmar fascia causing bent fingers).

Could anyone tell me if Chuan Xiong (Szechuan Lovage Root) is suitable for treatment of this condition.


David Haycock, UK


As Dupuytren&#39s contracture is a condition that generally arises over a long period of time resolution involves working at a more causal level than treating the symptoms (similar to carpal tunnel syndrome). What distinguishes Dupuytren&#39s contracture from other tension related conditions (carpal tunnel, "trigger" finger, etc.) is that in some people there appears to be more of an auto-immune aspect involved than in other conditions that arise simply from overuse and unchecked tension in the upper body/neck/limbs. Personally I feel that acupuncture with tuina and cupping focusing more directly on a broader more systemic cause (i.e. originating from the neck and leading to arm tension (qi/blood stagnation) is superior to any herbal approach.

As far as chuan xiong goes it is integrated into many formulas to help resolve qi and blood stagnation in the channel and to buffer from the overuse of tonics. Chinese herbs are rarely used individually as they are better utilized and buffered in formulas. Chuan xiong appears in a number of formulas some of which could be used with the appropriate underlying diagnosis.

Generally qi and blood can become stagnant from deficiency in which case a formula like Ba Zhen Wan could possibly be useful or possibly something like Te Xiao Jing Zhui Tong Wan (both of which contain chuan xiong). And there are a multitude of other choices based on appropriate TCM diagnosis.

One caveat with formulas that may include chuan xiong with particular regard to Dupuytren&#39s contracture is if the person has more auto-immune aspects prevalent which can often be seen with an underlying diagnosis of Kidney Yin Deficiency from a TCM perspective. In this case formulas that are too warming and/or moving could be detrimental to success overall.

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