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Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang


Hi! I use the Du Huo Ji sheng tang. For my ankolising spondilitis. i have lots of damp in the body. it gives me back pain and siactica. and problems to move and walk.its better since i started to take them. Others/better sugestions? i also take Yu Ping Feng San… since my white blood cells where low. I catch everything that i can, colds,everything over and over again! . It always goes over to bronquitis with tigthness in chest,yellow spit, caugth and now i lost my voice. and some fever like sintoms. I take inhalators for the breathing. So today i started with QING qi Hua Tan Tang… I have a lot of damp in the stomack and intestin aswell. my toung is always swollow with marks on the sides… When i started chinese herbs few months ago, i started with xiao yao san( i love it, since it makes me sleep good and dont feel the constant stress) And i took Yin QUIA SAN for 1 month. but i still catched cold. so then i started with Yu ping. Uffff It feels that im mixing something wrong. and its to many to take at once. Please help me out here!! Regards Marinela.


You really need to see a practitioner, particularly with such a complex autoimmune condition as Ankylosing spondylitis. Long story short, you need to treat the root of these conditions, messing around with Chinese herbal formulas, choosing them for their symptoms and not for deeper diagnostic reasons will more than likely not help you and worse could greatly irritate your autoimmune condition. You need to get a proper diagnosis first, and then choose formulas from that - see how to choose a formula for basics on this.

With regards to some of the formulas you were taking - yin qiao is only good for acute onset of a particular type of cold/flu in Chinese Medicine terms - long term use in 95% of cases will be a very bad idea, yu ping feng wan is generally only taken when you -not- sick as it’s strengthening properties can drive things in deeper. Du huo ji sheng wan is only useful if you have very strong dampness signs - if you have too much deficiency or another pattern you will make yourself worse with this formula.


Thank you. In a month im off to London where i will see a Professional. Thank you so much for your help! Bless

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