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Dry Eye and Foot Tendon Injury


Submitted By: garyjp9

I seek help for two problems:

1) Can acupuncture help with "dry eye"? How would you treat?

2) I have tenosynivitis of the flexor hallucis longus tendon in my right foot, which runs from the big toe to the ankle. There is pain, swelling and fluid buildup between the tendon and its sheath in that part of the tendon running through my instep. I have been wearing a protective boot to keep the weight off the boot. Surgical prognosis is poor, with difficult recovery. Might acupuncture help? How would you treat it?

Thank you.


Dry eyes is liver yin deficinecy, just drink some "Gou Ji Zi + Ju Hua" tea will be Ok. The foot problem, I believe it is inflammation happen on there, you need go to hospital put some anti-inflammation cream, after the swell reduce and fluid dry, you can go on acupuncture to stop pain treatment.

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