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Dry cough for my daughter



My 2year daughter has dry cough especially during sleep. What is ACU point for cough syrup? Please help .


The first mode of treatment would require figuring out -why- she is coughing, not -that- she is coughing - see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that. Our cough treatment section, particularly the sub-section on acupuncture protocols for cough will give some general pointers.

In a patient that age without other immune issues, a dry cough generally indicates a dietary/digestive issue (i.e. reflux). That is generally aided by restricting dairy and/or gluten from the diet. Another common possibility (still generally aided by diet) is allergies.

I would suggest you see a physician to determine the cause of the cough first and then if you’d like to utilize Chinese Medicine consult with a practitioner in your area and have your daughter receive proper comprehensive care.


Thank you for your prompt response sir.

Yes, Digestion improvement is required for her. (Observed that she had undigested motion sometimes). We have restricted diary from her diet( earlier she had cold & cough, after restricted there was a good response). LU9 would be helpful. Am I right sir?

I am studying TCM course in my area. I am going through your articles, very much helping. Thanks.

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