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Drug-herb interactions


I just had to go to the hospital the other day and I thought I would mention it. I take klonopin and it is metabolized by the liver. I was also taking dandelion as a liver “food”. For nutrition. IDK who here knows anything about drug-herb interactions. But all my muscles became sore and it was all I could do to move. Of course I believe in TCM and many alternatives and herbs, but when you have diabetes militeus and hypertension you really need to be watched by a physician. I thought I would warn and ask at the same time if anyone has had this particular experience. Dandelion greens are a good food. Not in my case :wink:


As dandelion is a liver detoxifier it can either block or increase the uptake of certain medications. It is generally contraindicated with antibiotics (as it can block their function), or increase uptake with a range of psychiatric drugs including lithium, haldol, elavil, etc. and then it can decrease uptake of drugs such as valium, ativan, etc.

It may also function as a diuretic which could make you feel sore, particularly if you are already dehydrated.

Somewhat more likely, however, is that it can decrease blood sugars - so at a certain amount with no changes to your western medicines your blood sugar may have been plummeting far too low which could also lead to many of your symptoms.

While, yes, you should always discuss everything you are taking with your doctor, they are not that well versed generally speaking on herbs and certainly not on proper Chinese herbal formulas. To properly use Chinese Medicine, as we’ve discussed with you previously, you should be under the care of a licensed acupuncturist in your are who also practices Chinese herbal medicine.


I certainly appreciate your input Chad. You know very much about these things. I saw my MD for my 3 month checkup and he said I was dehydrated. But I am drinking water. Hum. I have not ate any sugar or such though. Maybe I should try that. I am still sore. IDK my glucose.


Sorry about your woes, Bill. About the water drinking. You could try adding a little salt every time you drink water. It’s supposed to send the water to where it is needed. I have no major issues that I know of (I’m sure a Dr. of TCM would find something, though) and take no medicines or drugs. Drinking plain water makes me urinate excessively and gives me a slightly bloated feeling. Adding a bit of salt to the water removes these effects. Also, with the salt, it tastes better, and seems “right”. Just a pinch, though. And there’s no need to drink a lot of water in any case unless you are doing hard physical labor in the hot sun. :slight_smile:


I have thought about going to herbs and not drugs. The only thing is that could confuse the docs some. I have hard really good success for a few days take herbs rather than meds for glucose.


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