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Dr Tan's Balance Method


Hello all! I'd like to start by saying this is a wonderful website that has helped me tremendously!

I mainly treat athletes for sport related injuries such as tendonitis, sprains/strains, neurological and general muscle pain. I've heard great things about Dr Tan's Balance Method and would love to implement it into my practice.

Would Dr Tan Balance Method benefit athletes? I've watched several of his videos and I'm amazed with the results and wanted a little bit of more insight before I proceed.



Proper diagnosis and any treatment method could help athletes, I don&#39t think there is anything in particular with Mr. Tan&#39s work that would be more helpful. I&#39ve heard somewhat mixed reviews of his methods from colleagues with more experience than I have, but admittedly I personally have only marginal understandings and minor clinic experiences of his work so can&#39t offer much.

There are a multitude of sub-systems within the world of acupuncture, so it never hurts to explore these and see both what clinical results arise and how comfortable and excited you get when using these systems. His book, acupuncture 1,2,3 available at his website, is the place to start. At the end of the day what matters most is results and results that last without overly frequent treatments or the need for consistent treatment (in the cases where that is possible of course).

Athletes in particular need very specific work and I would imagine a system that doesn&#39t also utilize tuina and ashi needling, my bias admittedly, wouldn&#39t be very helpful for them. But for another approach to needling his techniques are worthy of exploration. As are the systems of master tung and many of the Japanese sub-systems such as those explored in "hara diagnosis: reflections on the sea". A specific japanese text worth exploring if your interest is sports acupuncture is - "sports acupuncture, the meridian test and it&#39s applications".

Personally, I find more depth of technique and maneuverability so to speak in many of the Japanese systems, but I also have more technical and clinical experience with them as well so I am biased.

I&#39d be curious if after reading his work and/or attending his seminars what you find clinically if you do adopt his techniques.

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