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Dr Tans Balance method


Hi all,
I’ve just become aware of Dr Tans Balance method. It’s not popular in Europe. I just got his books and another on I Ching acupuncture. I want to practice this style. I will begin to go to Dr Tans weekend seminars in Jan 2011.
Meanwhile My question is, does any know where I could go for a period of time to get needling experience in this style, ideally under a mentor, or even just a place where I would be allowed to work in this style, as opposed to the TCM style. I guess most likely a volunteer clinic, but I would consider anything.
Thanks Aidan


It might be helpful if you said where you lived, or the specific geographic area in which you are willing to travel to train with someone, when roughly, for how long, and if you&#39d be willing to pay them for their time...


Thanks for the reply Chad,,

I am from Ireland. Im willing to go where ever I can to get experience in Dr Richard Tans &#39 Balance method&#39, so that I can develop some practical skill, to use this system with some confidence.

Of course there are numerous places that I can go where they use the TCM model, but thats not what I want to practice. I&#39ll travel to the place that I can get experience, be it Asia, USA, Europe.

I am completely free this winter, so I can go for any lenght of time. I am willing to pay some one to mentor me.




just wondering if there will be training in ireland any time soon

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