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Doubts regarding clock pulse theory


Dear sir/madam

According to organ clock theoy, particular organs are activated in a particular time. For example lungs are activated in the time of 3 am. to 5 am. In this time one can treat lungs problem effectively. But at the time of 3 pm. to 5 pm. can i treat lungs patient. Since it is least activated time for lungs will the acupuncture treatment work.

expecting answers,

yours faithfully,



Yes, the best time to treat lung problem is 3:00am-5:00am, to tonify lung use 3:00am or just before 3:00am, to sedate lung use 5:00am or just after 5:00am, my opinion. But, nobody will do the treatment at this schedule mostly. So, this is just a ideal theory in TCM.

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