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Doubt regarding kd6



I have a doubts regarding kd6.

Somebody says that kd6 is to be used for rare sleep (insomnia)

But somebody strongly says that kd6 is to be used to avoid more sleep.

I would be very thankful, if i am clarified.



Kd6 is the begin of Yin Qiao Mai, the Yin Qiao mai finish at Ub1, so Yin Qiao mai can control the eyes open and close, becasue Yin Qiao mai control body &#39s yin energy, and sleep too much means yin energy too much, so sedate Kd6 can treat sleep too much, and tonify Kd6 can treat insomnia, my opinion.


Sir, how can we tonify or sedate kd6.


There are many techniques of tonify and sedate the acupuncture points. The most simply way is: follow the meridians&#39 direction needling for tonify, opposite direction for sedate.


Not exactly what you were asking, but HT 7 is often a better point for insomnia than PC 6. Of course, the correct usage depends on your overall TCM diagnosis, but PC 6 is much better for more what we call "stress" in the west particularly when it affects breathing and/or digestion. Whereas HT 7 or even PC 7 are better choices for "spirit" disorders.


Dear Chad and Feng,

I have used single poing PC 7 for disturbed sleep or insomnia with good success in people who do not get sleep due to many thoughts crossing mind.

Single point PC 6 gives good imediate results for nausia or vomiting.

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