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Double tinnitus problem



I have double problems with my tinnitus. I have had acupuncutre and I have also had a TCM doctor, but they could not help me. In fact, the TCM doctor I had just changed my herb medication when it went good, which instead made the sounds worse. I lost faith in him, so now I have decided to try this on my own since no Swedish practictioner seem to be able to help me.

I have two types of problem:

  • One is that my pulse is low, my thyroid is under-productive, I am tired and I am lack of energy. This causes one type of tinnitus sound.
  • I am also stressed, tense, anxious, have trouble sleeping, hyper active in the brain and my nerves are too alert, which causes one other type of tinnitus sound.

Therefore, I have two types of sounds: one very high pitched sound and one more low sound.

I bought the Er Long Zuo Ci Wan pill which instantly reduced the high pitched sound. But now the low sound is a bit higher. I experienced a type of this when I went to my TCM doctor and he gave me drinkable herbs, but not this effective.

Now I wonder what sort of herb I will try for the low pitched sound, which is, I guess, for the stress, tensed nervers and so on?




Generally speaking when people have mixed signs of both Kidney Yang and Kidney Yin deficiency they are nearly always Kidney Yin Deficient primarily. So Er Long Zuo Ci Wan is a great formula for this aspect... That said, yin deficiency can take 4 months to 16 months or more to fully remedy with just herbal treatment. Changes in pitch are often a very good sign with regards to responses from treatment so it seems like your other practitioner may have been on target. This, of course, would be impossible to say for certain over the internet without the benefits of a physical inspection and tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Tinnitus is tricky as well with the tone changes because any alteration in the tone may bring more awareness to the problem whereas a person can adjust to a tone over time. This gives the client the concept that it is "worse" when actually it is either different or better. This may or may not be what is happening in your case, it&#39s more an observation of what we observe as we work to resolve these types of cases.


Hi Chad, and thanks for your reply. I have nothing to add or ask further about right now, so I&#39ll just say thanks <3.

If some one else here have tips, tricks or whatever, please shoot!

Kindest regards



Now some day has passed and I am a bit curious about a few things.

The Er Long Zuo Ci Wan is said to help with insomnia, restlessness, palpitations and to be calming. My problem is that I now experience this a lot instead of being helped, since I started with Er Long Zuo Ci for 4 days ago. I am also seriosly tense in my muscles, I cannot sit still, I am shivering, freezing and I have recieved both neck ache and headache which comes and goes a few times a day. The palpitations are nearly constant now and it hurts in my chest.

I have also noticed that the pills does not make my tinnitus better any longer: it just worked the first 2 days and almost reduced the high pitched sound completely. Now my high pitched tinnitus sound is back and higher than before.

What shall I do? Halve the dosage? Change medication? Any suggestions?




You should consult directly with a practitioner that has the benefit of properly diagnosing and treating you. Certainly if you are worse and you can tie this directly to the formula then I would stop the formula and consult with someone to find what would be correct for you. Although what you are describing sounds more like a cold/flu than a reaction to that formula - which for that particular one anyhow is quite rare. Along those lines, formulas like that take weeks to months to really accomplish much, so your reaction is more than likely not related if you have only been taking it for 4 days. I would suggest you stop taking the formula for a week or so and then perhaps try again if the practitioner that you consult with feels that you have primarily KD Yin Deficiency.


Thanks again Chad, for your advice!

I will see if there are some practicioner in my area. The range of serious TCM doctors in southern Sweden isn&#39t very good :/

Have a nice day!



Nothing was ever mentioned regarding the underfunctioning thyroid, Has it been treated and how? The only way that worked for me was actually taking kelp and wild yam root. But you have to be sure that you have a lack of iodine. Has anybody had any experience with it with acupuncture? The subject is serious enough and can be life threatening since the thyroid regulates a lot in the body. Maybe it can also be caused by depleted adrenals. Something conventional doctors would not even look at. They always overlook T3 as well. Anyway. Any suggestions in this area?


Hi Undine,

I hope you are a bit better now::)

My experience with tinnitus is that it&#39s the best to treat it with acu points.My husband had it for some time, and within 10 days (more or less) it was gone. But, also, try to be patient and grateful, because your body is trying to tell you something.

As someone already mentioned, it could be connected with your kidneys, with exaustion (thyroid) so you should (if you already didn&#39t) go to make some blood lab tests done, and ask them to check your thyroid hormons, then you will see if there are some changes going on, and still you won&#39t be needing to go and see a doctor.

Then, try to relax more, walk , breathe, meditate.

Also, every day you can try to treat some acu points for the tinnitus:

San Jao 3 and 17, Gallbladder 2 and 43, with Kidney 3 and 6 for the chronic type. Scalp or ear points are also useful. (you can find those points on this web site).

You apply preassure (with your fingers)to those points by yourself.

I hope this helps.....


Based on the above description what you called “double tinnitus problem” is just a complicated case of both excess and deficiency. More information is needed to make a specific diagnosis. It is true that the ears are connected and closely related to the Kidneys, but the Kidneys are not the only organs responsible for ear conditions. Gallbladder, Urinary Bladder, Small Intestine, San Jiao and other Channels also travel through or around the ears. Try to find the diseased channel and then you will find the correct formula…


Hi, Emelie! I&#39m very glaad to see your story. But it was very painful that you guys had suffered so many times for this reason. When I was teen that time I had also suffered same kind of problem. Now it is clear to me. Hope you will free from this kind of disease very soon. Best of luck...miracle


I have been taking blood tests to see if my thorid is under active. My results told me that it&#39s under active but not enough to be treated with traditional medication, the doctor told me. I have done hair mineral analasis and it showed that my thyroid is totally messed up. But I do not want to take "traditional medicine" since you are not allowed to to take it if your adrenals are non-working. I believe that&#39s my case as well. People who have been taking medication for their thyroid often get way more worse if they also have problems with their adrenals. You have to repair the adrenals first. But good luck to get help with that from a traditional doctor. That won&#39t happen.

I have been taking L-tyrocsine for about a year but it did not make me feel neither better nor worse. I have also tried kelp, no success there. And I have tried iodine, no help there either.


What do you mean by "Try to find the diseased channel and then you will find the correct formula…" What&#39s a "diseased channel"?


Have you solved your problems now? Are you free from your tinnitus?

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