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Dopamine Deficiency

From a tcm perspective how best to treat -acupuncture/herbs/supplements? What is the Syndrome?
A patient recently underwent Guided Focused Ultrasound to treat Parkinson’s symptoms which was largely a success but has resulted in dopamine receptors deficiency.

In technical terms the dopamine deficiency is the “result” of a set of underlying conditions/issues (i.e. the cause(s)). Chinese Medicine diagnostic procedures are concerned with the causes not the result - in other words you don’t tie a specific issue to a specific tcm diagnoses - quite the opposite in fact. I would start by reading treating the cause vs. the symptoms for more details on the general concepts.

On our parkinson’s treatment page, for example, you will see listed 5 potential tcm diagnoses that are most often involved with parkinson’s from a TCM perspective. This patient may fall into one of those, multiples, or something entirely different. The entire point of Chinese Medicine is to look deeply at what is happening at that moment for that particular individual - not to offer standardized, generic, approaches tied to a particular issue - particularly when it is something as complex as Parkinson’s.

Great answer! I wish all doctors would think and speak this way.

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