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Dog with heat spots


I have a labrador on the Gold Coast in Australia and she is always breaking out in what I would describe as heat spots which she licks them until they bleed.

Are we looking at liver heat and what points could I look at needeling



What does your vet think about the rash? There are any number of causes from allergies, to ringworm, to more serious blood conditions and even cancer. Proper diagnosis would be important. If it has been going on for years, it is most likely an allergy of some kind as everything else would have resolved or got incredibly worse by now....

Either way, you can use points for skin rash, two important ones would be UB 40 (hot skin rashes) and SP 10 (cools the blood). We also tend to use the huatuo of T7 (blood issues) in our system for these types of conditions.

I treated a dog fairly recently with recurrent contact allergies which would then make her scratch off all her hair on her hind end (and bleed). I primarily used an herbal formula (Xiao Feng Wan) and that worked well. It wouldn&#39t help, however, if it has other origins. If it&#39s bacterial in origin (i.e. ringworm), tea tree oil could be helpful before the skin gets opened from her scratching.


The Vet only answer is antibiotics every time it flares up.

That deals with the condition not the cause.

In the past I have been putting some MMS in her water which has gotten rid of any infection and I then wash her down with condies crystals every other day.

When it flares up she gets red under her belly and around the gums, the MMS gets that under control and the CC wash seems to stop the itch and kill any bacteria on the skin.


She is a Labrador living in a tropical climate (not smart)



-easy fix, which is close at hand for You, is extra virgin Coconut Oil, applied to sore spots& given a teaspoon or so to food...this cleared a similar serious condition in a pal&#39s dog in less than a week.


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